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New York Fashion Week Spring ’16 – Givenchy

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Givenchy rocked New York Fashion Week. The very first time Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci debuted a collection in New York (was always being showcased in Givenchy’s hometown, Paris). It was rather a celebration of being alive considering the runway was scheduled on the 14th anniversary of 9/11.

The show delivered what was anticipated. Exclusiveness and elegance. From menswear to haute couture, Riccardo Tisci inspired the fashion world by encompassing the core of Givenchy, DNA of being glamorous and sexy, and enjoying life with elegance. A-class starts embodied the first raw while hundreds of people boost the attention toward the show.

All exclusive looks are blow with the photo courtesy of Monica Feudi from

_MON0025 _MON0039 _MON0050 _MON0062 _MON0074 _MON0080 _MON0099 _MON0113 _MON0129 _MON0144 _MON0154 _MON0173 _MON0185 _MON0204 _MON0222 _MON0236 _MON0251 _MON0272 _MON0291 _MON0309 _MON0327 _MON0343 _MON0360 _MON0376 _MON0392 _MON0412 _MON0432 _MON0448 _MON0465 _MON0480 _MON0494 _MON0510 _MON0528 _MON0546 _MON0564 _MON0578 _MON0589 _MON0606 _MON0620 _MON0644 _MON0664 _MON0685 _MON0710 _MON0730 _MON0752 _MON0780 _MON0787 _MON0805 _MON0815 _MON0830 _MON0846 _MON0859 _MON0873 _MON0891 _MON0914 _MON0934 _MON0952 _MON0966 _MON0986 _MON1002 _MON1020 _MON1038 _MON1056 _MON1072 _MON1097 _MON1114 _MON1133 _MON1148 _MON1166 _MON1189 _MON1206 _MON1225 _MON1245 _MON1264 _MON1284 _MON1319 _MON1330 _MON1347 _MON1358 _MON1377 _MON1396 _MON1413 _MON1428 _MON1442 _MON1454 _MON1465 _MON1482 _MON1513


Author: hakankaraosman

Hakan Karaosman is a sustainability management professional and a Ph.D researcher with international experience in sustainability reporting, business improvement, and sustainability strategy. Previously, he worked as a consultant to companies in various industries for their Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports. He holds BSc. in Environmental Engineering, MBA, and MSc. in Management in Engineering of Energy and Environment, a joint master degree funded by the EU, and hosted by KTH (Sweden), EMN (France), and UPM (Spain). He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. studies in European Doctorate in Industrial Management, a double degree program funded by the European Commission. His driven focus is towards sustainability integration in the fashion industry.

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