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Z Zegna Spring 2016 Menswear

Z Zegna delivered his masculine yet extremely chic spring collection. Grey and pastel shades grounded in the colour palette as the essential pillar. Craftsmanship, on the other hand, channeled the renowned brand’s signature uniqueness.

z-zegna-001-1366 z-zegna-002-1366 z-zegna-003-1366 z-zegna-004-1366 z-zegna-005-1366 z-zegna-006-1366 z-zegna-007-1366 z-zegna-008-1366 z-zegna-009-1366 z-zegna-010-1366 z-zegna-011-1366 z-zegna-012-1366 z-zegna-013-1366 z-zegna-014-1366 z-zegna-015-1366 z-zegna-016-1366 z-zegna-017-1366 z-zegna-018-1366 z-zegna-019-1366 z-zegna-020-1366 z-zegna-021-1366 z-zegna-022-1366 z-zegna-023-1366 z-zegna-024-1366 z-zegna-025-1366 z-zegna-026-1366 z-zegna-027-1366 z-zegna-028-1366 z-zegna-029-1366 z-zegna-030-1366

Hakan Karaosman