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Milan Fashion Week Spring / Summer ’15 – Dolce&Gabbana

The legendary Dolce&Gabbana conveyed the Spanish influence. Flamenco soul, passionate red, undefined love stories, and Spanish guitar. It was one of the most authentic collections of D&G thus far. The best way to close the curtain for Milan Fashion Week. Let desire lead you, let passion captivate you through love and Spanish guitar’s rhythms.

All red, all passionate, all Flamenco inspired romantic yet rebellious looks

DG-1 DG-2 DG-3 DG-4 DG-5 DG-6 DG-7 DG-8 DG-9 DG-10 DG-11 DG-12 DG-13 DG-14 DG-15 DG-16 DG-17 DG-18 DG-19 DG-20 DG-21 DG-22 DG-23 DG-24 DG-25 DG-26 DG-27 DG-28 DG-29 DG-30 DG-31 DG-32 DG-33 DG-34 DG-35 DG-36 DG-37 DG-38 DG-39 DG-40 DG-41 DG-42 DG-43 DG-44 DG-45 DG-46 DG-47 DG-48 DG-49 DG-50 DG-51 DG-52 DG-53 DG-54 DG-55 DG-56 DG-57 DG-58 DG-59 DG-60 DG-61 DG-62 DG-63 DG-64 DG-65 DG-66 DG-67 DG-68 DG-69 DG-70 DG-71 DG-73 DG-74 DG-75 DG-76 DG-77 DG-78 DG-79 DG-80 DG-81 DG-82 GG-72


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Milan Fashion Week Spring / Summer ’15 – Roberto Cavalli

Milan Fashion Week just finished! Time to recap this extraordinary week with some of the greatest looks. Roberto Cavalli is here with his exclusive collection encompassing white, lace, crystal embellishment, and flower prints all over looks.

Looks to capture the moment!

RC-1 RC-2 RC-3 RC-4 RC-5 RC-6 RC-7 RC-8 RC-9 RC-10 RC-11 RC-12 RC-13 RC-14 RC-15 RC-16 RC-17 RC-18 RC-19 RC-20 RC-21 RC-22 RC-23 RC-24 RC-25 RC-26 RC-27 RC-28 RC-29 RC-30 RC-31 RC-32 RC-33 RC-34 RC-35 RC-36 RC-37 RC-38 RC-39 RC-40 RC-41 RC-42 RC-43 RC-44 RC-45 RC-46 RC-47