Fashion by Khan

Fashion to invade your mind

Paris Fashion Week- Valentino Fall ’13

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VAL_2619.450x675 VAL_2635.450x675 VAL_2646.450x675 VAL_2660.450x675 VAL_2667.450x675 VAL_2687.450x675 VAL_2694.450x675 VAL_2707.450x675 (1) VAL_2707.450x675 VAL_2715.450x675 (1) VAL_2715.450x675 VAL_2733.450x675 (1) VAL_2733.450x675 VAL_2744.450x675 VAL_2756.450x675 VAL_2766.450x675 (1) VAL_2766.450x675 VAL_2781.450x675 VAL_2794.450x675 VAL_2804.450x675 VAL_2816.450x675 VAL_2827.450x675 VAL_2839.450x675 VAL_2852.450x675 VAL_2866.450x675 VAL_2874.450x675 VAL_2888.450x675 VAL_2896.450x675 VAL_2913.450x675 VAL_2928.450x675 VAL_2940.450x675 VAL_2954.450x675 VAL_2968.450x675 VAL_2983.450x675 VAL_2995.450x675 VAL_3008.450x675 VAL_3021.450x675 VAL_3032.450x675 VAL_3046.450x675 VAL_3056.450x675 VAL_3073.450x675 VAL_3089.450x675 VAL_3101.450x675 VAL_3115.450x675 VAL_3127.450x675 VAL_3146.450x675 VAL_3162.450x675 VAL_3175.450x675 VAL_3195.450x675 VAL_3211.450x675 VAL_3221.450x675 VAL_3231.450x675 VAL_3248.450x675 VAL_3259.450x675 VAL_3278.450x675 VAL_3295.450x675 VAL_3308.450x675 VAL_3320.450x675 VAL_3329.450x675 VAL_3342.450x675 VAL_3350.450x675 VAL_3366.450x675 VAL_3379.450x675 VAL_3390.450x675 VAL_3404.450x675 VAL_3416.450x675 VAL_3426.450x675 VAL_3440.450x675 VAL_3451.450x675 VAL_3461.450x675 VAL_3473.450x675


Author: hakankaraosman

Hakan Karaosman is a sustainability management professional and a Ph.D researcher with international experience in sustainability reporting, business improvement, and sustainability strategy. Previously, he worked as a consultant to companies in various industries for their Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports. He holds BSc. in Environmental Engineering, MBA, and MSc. in Management in Engineering of Energy and Environment, a joint master degree funded by the EU, and hosted by KTH (Sweden), EMN (France), and UPM (Spain). He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. studies in European Doctorate in Industrial Management, a double degree program funded by the European Commission. His driven focus is towards sustainability integration in the fashion industry.

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