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British fashion legend Alexander McQueen has an immortal significance in fashion world. Now the label is ready to go to the next level. Alexander McQueen’s diffusion line McQ is set to be launched for the very first time during the London Fashion Week in February 2012.

The fall/ winter 2012-13 collection will channel an effortless beauty by covering the menswear, womenswear alongside accessories. The runway show is going to be followed by the label’s debut store opening that will be unveiled next spring.

Can’t wait to see how McQueen demonstrates the mainstream!


Moda dünyasının ölümsüz ismi Alexander McQueen markasıyla zirveden inmeye hiç ama hiç niyeti olmadığını göstermeye devam etmekte. Yepyeni marka McQ yeni sezonda ilgilileriyle buluşmaya gün sayıyor.

Sokak modasına yön vermesi beklenen ve pazara daha ulaşılabilir bir fiyat analiziyle girmeye hazırlanan marka ilk tanıtımını Şubat ayında Londra Moda Haftası kapsamında gerçekleştirecek. Defileyi, Londra’ da açılacak butik izleyecek.

2012-13 sonbahar/kış sezonu için ölümsüz markanın yepyeni yansıması McQ; kendi kategorisinde nasıl bir çığır açacak merakla bekliyoruz.


Hakan Karaosman


Author: hakankaraosman

Hakan Karaosman is a sustainability management professional and a Ph.D researcher with international experience in sustainability reporting, business improvement, and sustainability strategy. Previously, he worked as a consultant to companies in various industries for their Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports. He holds BSc. in Environmental Engineering, MBA, and MSc. in Management in Engineering of Energy and Environment, a joint master degree funded by the EU, and hosted by KTH (Sweden), EMN (France), and UPM (Spain). He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. studies in European Doctorate in Industrial Management, a double degree program funded by the European Commission. His driven focus is towards sustainability integration in the fashion industry.

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