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Dior’s outstanding gowns are gathered together to shine in the brand’s best-hits book. Photographer Patrick Demarchelier is in charge of the cast and of course as you may think of the world’s most beautiful women are enlisted to model for the book which is being prepared to tribute legendary brand’s history. The book entitled ‘Dior Couture Patrick Demarchelier’ covers stunning women from Gisele Bundchen to Charlize Theron.

The gowns have been selected from Dior’s golden history. With pieces from the very first collection by Dior himself in 1947, through Marc Bohan, Yves Saint Laurent and John Galliano. This is such a good occasion for the haute couture lovers since it literally shows the brand’s history due to glamorous aesthetic and timeless elegance of quality. Demarchelier is currently capturing the shots in locations such as Shangai, Times Square NY, Paris Opera House and the garden of Musée Rodin. The book covers 240 pages and we all are so impatient to hold it!


Dior’ ın altın tarihinin en önemli şaheserleri bir kez daha nefes alıyor! Ünlü moda fotoğrafçısı Patrick Demarchelier, markanın en önemli couture parçalarını muazzam bir derleme yaparak ‘Dior Couture Patrick Demarchelier’ kitabı için fotoğraflıyor. Dior’ ın birbirinden önemli, el emeği göz nuru betimindeki yüksek işçiliğini ve sonsuzluğa çıkarma yapan kalitesini alkışladığımız couture kıyafetleri bu kitap ile bir kez daha raflara çıkartılıyor.

Kitapta bu efsane kostümleri giyecek yine bir o kadar efsane isimler sırayla model kadrosunu oluşturmakta. Gisele Bundchen’ dan Charlize Theron’ a uzayıp giden dünyanın en güzel kadınları, kitap için poz vermekte.

240 sayfadan oluşacak kitap yeni yıl gibi elimizde olacak. 1947 deki Dior’ ın kendi elleriyle hazırladığı ilk koleksiyondan daha sonraki tasarımcıların – Marc Bohan, Yves Saint Laurent ve John Galliano- yarattıkları şahaserlere kadar uzayıp giden bir zaman tünelinin bileti kesilmek üzere. Dünyanın en ilham veren noktaları, Times Square, Paris Opera Binası, Shangai gibi noktalarda tamamalanmakta olan çekimler; tarih, moda, gösteriş ve en önemlisi couture’ in bitmek bilmeyen ışıltısını betimlemekte.


Hakan Karaosman


Author: hakankaraosman

Hakan Karaosman is a sustainability management professional and a Ph.D researcher with international experience in sustainability reporting, business improvement, and sustainability strategy. Previously, he worked as a consultant to companies in various industries for their Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports. He holds BSc. in Environmental Engineering, MBA, and MSc. in Management in Engineering of Energy and Environment, a joint master degree funded by the EU, and hosted by KTH (Sweden), EMN (France), and UPM (Spain). He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. studies in European Doctorate in Industrial Management, a double degree program funded by the European Commission. His driven focus is towards sustainability integration in the fashion industry.

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